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Application Management – Microsoft Deployment Toolkit



Application Management for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

Description:  Manages Microsoft deployment toolkit applications, does the integration & deletion of application for MDT Console from a single interface.  A 2 clicks tool for Application integration


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Author: Chandan K. Sharma


INTRODUCTION TO GUI                                                               





1- Menu bar
    Tools  Settings
o    Contains information for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit’s Deploymentshare ($) for applications & control folder.
o    With this option, the settings for deploymentshare could be changed.
    Tools  Deployment Share
o    Open DeploymentShare’s “Applications” or “Control” folder with a click.
    Tools  Close
o    Exit the GUI.
    Help  Contents
o    Contains the knowledge document for this tool.
2-Application Display Window
    Displays all previously added applications, which are part Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Console.
3- Integrated Applications
    Click to get all applications, or click to refresh the list of applications.
4- Add a new Package
    Click to start adding new packages/applications.  It collects all the information needed to create an application (via enabling all necessary input boxes & verifying that information).
5- Cancel
    Close the tool & terminate the process.
6- Integration
    Integrated application to MDT Console. Clicking would finally add the application to MDT Console.  It does verify the information provided in input boxes before integrating. Invalid or null information could result in error.
7- Delete Application
    Select an application from the Display Window & click “Delete Application” to delete the application.
o    Note: - Not multi select deletion.
8- Application Configuration
    Configure, application specific settings for Reboot(after successful installation), Hide(in MDT console after integration), Enable(want to keep the application enabled for further use).
9- Browse (an application, only .exe or .msi)
    Click Browse & select an .exe or .msi to gather application specific information which fills all input boxes automatically. This process helps fasten the process of integration of new application in MDT without much of user intervention etc.






1.    Click Tools Settings to configure the DeploymentShare’s information for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
a.    Note: - Incorrect information or missing information would result in errors & does let this tool function.


2.    Click “Integrated Applications” to display list of applications, which are already integrated & part of MDT.


Click “Add Package” to start adding a new application.    
There are two ways application specific information could be gathered for adding that to MDT Console.
i.    Manually entering/feeding
ii.    Click browse & select an executable, selection would run the code in behind to gather required information automatically.
Note :- Verify all information, specially the installation command etc.    
Highlighted “Checkbox” helps copying the binaries to DeploymentShare\Applications folder.    

Once verified, click “Integration” to integrate the application to MDT Console.    
Confirmation message.    
Click “Integrated Applications” to display the list of applications as well as newly added application.    

Select an application from the list & click “Delete Application” to delete from the hive.     
Right click anywhere in the GUI & select the options as required.    

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, appearance of newly added application.

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